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Get One Of The Top 5 Hands In Poker To Potentially Win

Get One Of The Top 5 Hands In Poker To Potentially Win

The thrill of playing online casino slots and table games is such that cannot be described by the average gambler. Playing poker is the most favored game of many online player. The anticipation of getting a winning hand can sometimes leave a player sweating and flushed. The excitement and action of the game will take their breath away, but the win will have them jumping for joy. This type of entertainment is unbeatable, and the avid gambler would not change it for anything. There is no guaranteed win in the poker game, but putting the best strategy to work is always helpful.

Having the best hand is the winning factor when playing online poker just as it is for regular sit around the table poker. In order for a player to be successful at playing online casino poker, they must know what to hold, and what to fold. They must be knowledgeable of the different hands in the game, and which ones will beat most of the other hands. These top five winning poker hands are etched in a gambler’s frame of reference.

  • The best hand to get in a standard game of poker is a royal flush. This hand consists of an ace, king, queen, jack, and ten, all in the same suit. This hand causes for a higher than usual bet because it is unbeatable.
  • The second highest hand for winning at poker is a straight flush which consists of five card in a sequence all of the same suit. It can be from an ace to five, or nine up to king in the same suit. The only thing about a low straight flush is that another player can win over you with a higher card sequence.
  • The third strongest hand is four of a kind which is the same card value in all suits. Again, four jacks will beat four threes.
  • Next is the full house. This is three of a kind combined with a pair. An example is three fives with two tens.
  • The fifth hand for winning at online poker is a flush which consists of all five cards in the same suit regardless of sequence.

These hands are the common winning hands, but any hand under a royal flush can be beat if the card values are higher than the hand presented. An example of this is the full house. A combination of three twos, and two fives can be beaten by three twos and two tens. Four jacks can be beaten by four queens or higher. Online casino poker (have a look at https://judionlinepoker.co if you are looking for a site to play on) players must know the game before attempting to play especially with seasoned players. No one will kindly explain the rules as they go, but there is a thing called beginners luck. People have won without knowing much about the game at all.