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2021’s Most Popular Online Casino Games

2021’s Most Popular Online Casino Games

In light of the current state of the world, the ability to venture out of your home for entertainment may be restrictive depending on where you live. Even in locations where residents are free to visit establishments as regularly as they would like to, some may choose to limit their trips out of doors for health and safety, or other personal reasons. Online casino games bring the convenience and thrill of the casinos not on gamstop to the homes of avid gamers and novices alike. Some online casino games are even available to play with real currency or in-game, fake money, depending on the rules and regulations of where players reside. Here’s a look at the top online casino games out there:


Roulette is typically a table game played in casinos, featuring a wheel with 38 colored slots – 36 are black or red and numbered 1-36, and the other 2 are green and numbered 0 and 00 respectively. To play, bets are placed on the numbers for the highest payouts, or strategically on other fields. The dealer then spins a white ball in the roulette wheel and whichever slot it lands in determines the winner(s), if any. Wins can be based on numbers, colors, bet placement, or a combination of these. Online, there are electronic-only versions where players place their bets and a computerized dealer spins the wheel, and there is another version where actual roulette wheels with real-live dealers are displayed in real-time. This second roulette version provides players with the look and feel of being in a casino without physically being there.


Poker is another widely popular online casino game. Brick and mortar casinos even have video poker games scattered throughout for those who prefer the electronic versions to the live, table games. There are many variations available online with various different rules and the most popular have the standard dealer with 5-cards.


One of the most popular casino games, whether in-person or online, are slot games. People are drawn to the luck factor of the game and with so much variety in the offerings available, there seem to be endless themes to suit all tastes. Not much skill is required to play slot games – it’s usually just a matter of determining the amount of the bet you would like to play and how many “lines” or combinations you would like to choose. The more lines you select, the more you bet per hand.

Each of these games has more in-depth rules for anyone interested in learning how to play them seriously; for those just looking to pass time, they can be quite intuitive. Whatever your preference, there is an online casino game out there for everyone.