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Can One Really Make a Living betting on Sports?

Can One Really Make a Living betting on Sports?

Sure, it is possible to make money betting on sports. There definitely are people who do this for a living. If one has ever watched the 1995 movie Casino, one knows that the main character in that movie is one, Sam “Ace” Rothstein. Rothstein is a mob-connected figure who places bets professionally. The only thing that saves his life, in the end, is his ability as a professional gambler. The bottom line is that he was worth more to the mob alive than dead in spite of the implosion at the Casino he ran.


Rothstein was a master sports better and a rare breed. To be as good as he was, Rothstein had to be familiar with every angle. In sports betting parlance an ‘angle’ is an insight into an advantage that the general public is not aware of. An angle could be something as simple as the weather. Certain players may have better records in cold or windy conditions for example. Anything could turn out to be an angle to exploit against the general public. Of course, being mob-connected, the ultimate angle is to have a bought off player throw the game in the Mob’s direction. Most modern-day sports betters who want to turn this into a profession will not need to rely on such tactics.


It is entirely possible for modern-day sports betters to do this thing honestly and make a living out of it; however, the following things are required.


1) One cannot think of sports betting for a living without a significant bankroll. One should have between $30,000 to $100,000 as a minimum bankroll. This is money that one does not touch. It is not used for paying your everyday bills or your child’s college education. It is simply money used to make money.


2) One then needs iron discipline. It is generally recommended that one not use more than 2, 3, or 4 percent of a bankroll on any one bet. Many betters, who are on a losing streak are tempted to use a larger percentage of the bankroll on bets to make up for losses. Betters who do this are likely to lose their bankroll altogether and need to find another line of work.


3) Pro-betters are mathematicians at heart. They know their numbers and how to increase their winning percentages. The top pro-betters make winning bets about 55 percent of the time.


4) One should specialize in betting on a particular sport that one knows all the ins and out of. This will help one find the angles and probabilities that the general public misses.


Professional sports betting can certainly be done, but it is an innately stressful occupation that only rare talents manage to pull off. Many pros who do pull it off make money on the side by helping amateur betters with their bets for payment.

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