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Moving Up In Stakes In Online Poker

Moving Up In Stakes In Online Poker

If your goal is to move up in stakes in online poker quickly, you will still want to make sure you are doing it at the right time. In other words, at a time when you have the money to do so and when your skills are comparable to most of the other people’s in the higher stakes room.

Follow these tips and they should be.

Build up your bankroll — The most important thing to do is to build your bankroll, so you have the money needed to be able to play at higher stakes tables. This can often be done by something as simple as keeping all of your winnings separate from your bankroll at the lower stakes tables.

Over time, this will increase to an amount of money that can then fund a larger bankroll for the higher stakes tables.

Build your self-confidence — Many people do not move up to higher stakes tables in poker online Indonesia as they lack the confidence.

Start to mentally praise yourself when you make good plays or when you win, and see your confidence soar.

Improve your strategy — Spend as much time learning how to improve your strategy as you do playing online poker at the lower stakes tables.

This can be done by reading tips websites, buying books about poker and watching free videos on YouTube.

After all, your play will improve as your skills improve.

Set playing time limits — One of the biggest tips for helping you move up in the stakes quickly is to limit your time playing poker.

When you do this, you will often find your skills tighten up and improve, your wins become more regularly and you walk away before you start to spend all the money you have just won.