One unusual thing about gambling in Vietnam, is that it is to a large extent illegal, but still very prevalent. The communists in Vietnam perceive gambling as a form of moral decay in the society and hence are against it. Since the early 19th century, gambling was totally illegal in Vietnam, the only legal gambling at the time, was state-run lotteries. However, with time, the government started to gradually loosen some laws.

The popularity of gambling in Vietnam can be attributed to various factors:

It is deep rooted into their past

Gambling is a historical thing in Vietnam. Gambling has been evident for ages, and hence the current generation to some extent, takes after their predecessors. Gambling has been popular since the early 20th century, whereby gambling was done between merchants and their customers, using balls of dice.

Relaxation of laws

In the year 2017, the government of Vietnam legalized chance-based gambling games. However, at that time, sport betting was still illegal. In the year 2018, a decree legalizing sport betting was passed. This encompassed international football games, horse racing and greyhound racing. Conditions were set, such that, the involved persons must be 21years old, must have no criminal records, and must have consent from family.

The government has allowed foreign passport holders to operate casinos and gambling sites. The loosening of the rules is meant to attract foreign investors into the casino trực tuyến việt nam uy tín 188loto industry.

The presence of large casinos and poker clubs

The presence of large licensed casinos across Vietnam has promoted the gambling culture. These casinos that are owned and operated by foreign passport holders, have created a suitable platform for thriving of gambling. One setback is that, these casinos are only accessible to foreigners, hence they do not enjoy a local customer base. However, casinos have recently been made accessible to Vietnamese, only on a trial basis. Unlike the casinos that are restricted to locals, poker clubs are accessible to both the locals and the foreigners, hence spearheading gambling.

Need for money

With the tough economic times that we are living in, some Vietnamese view gambling as an easy way of supplementing their income. Some feel that gambling gives them a chance to improve their standard of living. In addition, Vietnamese like many other Asians, have a strong believe in luck and fortune, and hence bet believing in winning.

Gambling is perceived as a form of social interaction

Vietnamese perceive gambling as a good avenue for social interaction and social cohesion. While it can be fun and enjoyable, gambling if taken too far, can lead people into serious debts, compelling them to crimes such as theft.

Predominant black markets

Vietnamese are enthusiastic towards gambling, with the Vietnam’s legislature having enacted strict measures against gambling for locals; the people are forced to access border casinos, whereby, they trade millions of dollars. Border gambling is prominent, especially at the South-eastern border.

The fact that gambling is illegal for Vietnam’s locals, makes many of them to engage in illegal gambling. While others operate illegal gambling, some choose to cross borders to neighboring countries like Cambodia in order to satisfy their gambling desires.

Many Vietnamese choose to seek unauthorized alternatives, such as, unauthorized online betting, and casino and lottery operation. In 2018, the government started to shut down illegal betting rings and gambling dens, in addition to heavy penalties and jail terms.