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5 Poker Mistakes That No Beginner Should Make

5 Poker Mistakes That No Beginner Should Make

Most beginner poker players start playing the game with the hope that one day they might be the next world poker champion. What new poker players fail to realize is that the game of poker is not a game of chance. It takes a great deal of skill to win at poker. Plus, many beginners make some major mistakes that must be avoided if you wish to have a chance at being a winning poker player.

Here are some common mistakes that new pokers players repeat over and over:

Bad Table Selection

This is probably the biggest mistake new players make. Not all tables are created equal. Winning players know that you need to closely observe the skill level of the other players at the table. If too many of them are playing well, then you should move to another table where the easy money is.


Low Bankroll

Many beginning players make the common mistake of trying to play poker without a big enough bankroll. Poker is a numbers game, and you need to have a big enough bankroll to cover the ups and downs in your game. If you don’t have the cash to cover several down days or weeks, then you should be playing at a lower stakes.


Playing Too Many Hands

The bad players in poker are called fish, and the good players are called sharks. The fish generally put too much money into the pot with weak hands. If you are a beginning player, then don’t be a fish and try to be in every hand. You should only play when you have good starting cards, and you should only stay in if you have a hand that has a decent chance of winning. The sharks know this, and they tend to only play strong hands to maximize their profits. If you don’t know who the fish is at your table, then you are probably the fish.

Get Control of Your Emotions

If you play poker controlled by your emotions, then you are certain to end up being a losing player. Winning players focus on the cards, and they don’t allow their feelings about the other player affect their decisions. The best way to eliminate emotions from your game is to pretend that you are playing against a computer.

Rushing While Playing

Poker isn’t a speed contest. Start taking your time, and you will see a dramatic increase in your win rate. Every decision you make should be given the proper amount of time to be certain that you are making the correct decision. Too many players think that the other players will look down on their skill level if they take too much time to act.

In conclusion, if you are a beginning poker player, then you can learn to win big money playing 389poker, but you must stop making the mistakes which guarantee that you will leave the table losing money. If you follow this disciplined approach, then one day you will be able to call yourself a winning poker player. You might even be able to earn a good living from doing it.