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Four Horrible Soccer Bets

Four Horrible Soccer Bets

Gambling (i.e. agen sbobet) is a very risky business. For this reason, so many people stay away from gambling and decide to stick to more honest ways of making money. However, there are a few select people out there who believe that they have what it takes to predict the future. Sometimes, a person can make a very informed decision on what they think the most likely outcome is, and this usually results in a winning bet. However, sometimes people make an informed decision and believe something will happen that will not, and this usually results in a losing bet.

Whatever the case is, there is usually no way to be sure a bet will win. Different sports have different bedding regulations, but soccer is particularly interesting. The sport of soccer is so exciting that fans all over the world support their favorite teams. Of course, in some cases, this leads to a fan believing in a team so much that they are willing to bet on that team. Since soccer can be so unpredictable overtime some very bad bets have been placed.

One time, during a World Cup,  a person placed a £417k wager on a losing team. It was in 2010, but this losing bet went down in history. The losing bet was the largest bet to be placed on a World Cup game in history at the time. To make matters worse, at halftime the score was 0-0. At that point, the person could have won the bet if they accepted a payout.

Another really bad bet was placed in 2010. During the African Nations Cup, a University student placed their whole student loan on the game. The bet was £4,400. This is a very large amount of money for someone who received it as a loan. The student expected Angola to beat Mali but was sadly mistaken.

Sometimes, a student will receive multiple loans throughout the course of the year and be able to stretch the amounts to last over time. However, in this unfortunate case the student loan received was for the entire year. So, the student had to come up with ways just to survive for the rest of that school year. On top of that, even if the student won the bet it would have only been for £44, and the student thought it was for £440. The score was 4-0, but the winning team miraculously came back and tied the game.

Another time, a man was denied the earnings of £1m, because he incorrectly guessed the winner of one game. Out of 15 games he correctly chose 14, so he still got a winning bet, but that one game is still quite the loss. Instead of winning £1m, he was only able to walk away with £72,000. Once, a man thought that he placed £10,000 on a bet and actually lost £100,000.