Playing online slots, especially if you are a newbie, can be frustrating and difficult. In fact, if you do not understand how the slots work on the Internet, or how difficult the house advantage is to beat, you may just find yourself spending a huge amount of money yet winning little.

Follow these tips provided by Slotsion, however, and you could win big when gambling on online slots.


Organize your bankroll first — The most important thing when gambling on online slots, or on any other game, is making sure you control your bankroll.


Start by calculating how much you can afford to gamble every month, then split that amount up into the number of times in that month you will gamble on online slots. That is the amount you can afford to bet per day, and an amount you should not go over.


Play the fixed maximum payout slots — Maximum payout slots are the best slots to play if you want to have the highest chances of a payout.


This is due to progressive jackpot slots paying out more but also every machine being linked with every other one. That means more people are usually playing those slots, so your chances of winning are much lower.


Slots with lower jackpots — The online slots with lower jackpots tend to be the ones that pay out more often. So, while you may not win the big money, you could leave after a few hours of playing with more money than you started with.


Video reel slots have the lowest payout rates — Many online casinos have pulled in gamblers with video reel slots, simply because they look so cool to play.


With the lowest payout rates of any online slots, however, most of the time video reels are a waste of your money.


Machines with free spin bonuses — While a free spin bonus may not seem to be a particularly big gift, you may be surprised to learn just how many people do win when using one of the free spins they have been awarded.


Find online slots that come with free spin bonuses and take advantage of every one. Some of these machines come with enormous payouts when a free spin bonus is used, and could earn you more money than if you played slots with large jackpots.


Walk away when losing — Unfortunately, human nature often means most of us keep on gambling even though we keep on losing. In fact, the opposite is what you should be doing.


Set a limit for how much you are willing to spend a day and, if you get close to spending that limit and have not had any wins, walk away and try again another day.