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Live Online Casinos

A Live Online Casino is literally an online version of what you might encounter in a physical casino, except you get to stay home to play and you keep your pajamas on if you want. Live online casinos can also be referred to as “Virtual Casino’s” or “Internet Casinos.” It is said that typically online casinos have a higher payout percentage than casinos based in a building; they have less overhead and less staff to employ, which means they can pay you out more often.

How do online casinos work?

When you visit an online casino it is most likely being controlled by software designed by someone who specializes in application development. Some of the most well-known companies creating online casino software include, but are not limited to, International Game Technology, Playtech, and Microgaming.

Are there different types of online casinos?

Not all casinos are created equally. You will most likely want to spend a little bit of time exploring what the casino actually offers and if it’s a place you want to spend your money. The first type of casino is the web based online casino. What that means, is you get to login at a website on the internet and pick which games you’d like to play and immediately hop right in. The only issues you might encounter with this format of casino gambling is the possibility of long loading times if you have a slow internet connection.

You can also download online casinos (example being scr888 download) to play and gamble some cash. The positive of downloading software to play on is the game will generally load quicker, have better graphics and the majority of your game is relying on the casino servers instead of your browser.

Can I play with a real person dealing the cards?

There are also two other things to consider when gambling your money online; are you okay gambling with a system controlled by a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) or would you prefer a live casino experience with a human dealer you can interact with? Both are completely possible to access and experience success with. Games move quicker when using a PRNG powdered gambling system and you are less likely to have to interact with other players slowing down your game. However, if you would prefer some human interaction while playing a game, having a live dealer is a much better option. Often times, you can interact with other players online with you as well as the dealer.

Do they provide bonuses and benefits like brick and mortar casino establishments?

Online casinos are also renowned for offering a variety of different bonuses. This is something you will most likely run into when creating a profile and setting your account up, when referrals are made, no deposit bonuses, and non-cashable bonuses. Welcome Bonuses are something you will almost always run into when creating an account with the casino of your choice. You must look closely at the fine print and I encourage you to take the time to understand what you are accepting. Often times they will offer a dollar amount, but you must know that you can’t cash it, you MUST play with it, and sometimes you must match a percentage of that bonus in order to receive it. Read your paperwork and make sure you understand what you’re spending your money on. Each casino is different. None the less, bonuses are awesome, it’s extra money to play with and you never know if it’s that last bonus dollar that is going to help you hit that big jackpot!


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