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Online Poker Is Still Beatable

Online Poker Is Still Beatable

The question about online poker becoming too difficult lately all depends on who you ask. The sharks think the never-ending sea of fish make it easy for them to build a stack of chips, while the weaker players think that everyone is out to get them because the way they play. If you are not winning on a regular basis at the online poker room, the following information should help get you going in the right direction.

Here are some of the things you must remember before logging in to your favorite site poker likeĀ scoreqq.org.

Mixing Up Game Play

Just because you are playing poker online does not mean you can relax and think you are just having a little casual fun. This is real money, and with real money you need to pay close attention to the signals you are putting out there. When you are too comfortable, you fold the blinds to any raise, you fold your hand to any ace on board, and you fold to all in bets on the river. When you make the same plays over and over, the better players will be able to spot weaknesses and go after you by bluffing you off your hands time and time again.

Looking for Betting Patterns

Now if you want to start seeing your online poker balance grow, you need to capitalize when the opportunity presents itself. There are players who have become so comfortable online that they don’t even realize they have been playing the same type hands the same way all the time. Sit back and watch these players in the blinds, they fold to any raise every time. Watch if they are betting and an ace hits the board, they check and fold to any big bet. These players will fold their hands on the river if a flush or straight catches, regardless the set they have. Spot these patterns and take advantage when you can to grow your bankroll.

Bluffing More Naturally

Make no mistake about it, if you are not bluffing then you are losing. Waiting for premium hands while the blinds eat away at your chip stack is a losing recipe and will cause you to have to make another deposit to stay in the game. There are plenty of spots to bluff, so pick your spot carefully. If you see a player who folded their blinds all the time, raise the pot against them. When a weak player is in the pot and an ace hits the flop, represent that hand and push them off their hands.

Budgeting Your Game

There are too many hands dealt online and you will see your share of bad beats if you don’t get quit when ahead. Set some limits for that session and commit to stopping play and you will see your bankroll grow.

Now that you see how easy it can be to start building your bankroll, take your time and you will begin to see a huge improvement in your play and the size of your online poker bankroll.


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