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Top 3 Easy and Prudent Soccer Bets

Top 3 Easy and Prudent Soccer Bets

There is no safe betting since it involves the risk of losing your hard-earned bucks. However, some punters are always betting, and they never run out of handsome wins. While their successes depend on a mixture of strategy and luck, the options you take are also a significant contributor. Read along to find 3 of the top soccer bets that you can consider playing.

Double Chance

A double chance bet is perhaps one of the most comfortable options that can boost your soccer betting strategy. If you have team X playing against team Y, you can choose either team to win or end the game with a tie. The double chance is quite a strong bet since it picks two out of three possible outcomes in any agen judi bola match.

On the flip side, this betting option has some limitations that include the following.

  • Lower odds hence a reduced size of the award
  • There is no guarantee that the team you choose for the “win” option will get it.

Over or Under Goals

The over/under bet relies on predicting the total goals that you expect a match to yield. You can do your due diligence and come up with a match analysis. The analysis will depend on past performances and the current abilities of the teams.

Betting on the total goals involves a higher level of risk-taking and confidence. If you choose an option of over 2.5 goals, you must have confidence that the match will end with at least three goals. The following are examples of total goals options to select.

  • Over/under 3.5
  • Over/under 1.5
  • Over/under 2.5
  • Over/under 4.5

Betting on total goals is easy and popular with many punters; it provides many chances of winning. It also has many options that you can choose to stretch your chances. It offers a clear winning strategy with the correct information before a judgment.

The Draw No Bet

The draw no bet option involves only two possible selections apart from the tie itself. It means that you can choose either the home or away team to win. In case the match ends in a tie, you do not lose or gain. It has to end with a win for the team you selected to receive the award. You will lose the amount you invested in the bet if the team you choose loses the game.

The odds for a draw no bet option are higher than in a double chance. Still, they are low if you compare them with the odds of some more straightforward options.

There are many other betting options apart from these three. It would be best if you take time to acquaint yourself with the other possible soccer bets. The bottom line is that any bet should follow thorough analysis and prudent judgment.