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Proven Betting Strategies For the UFC

Proven Betting Strategies For the UFC

The most basic form of mixed-martial arts wagering is the money line, where the sports patron simply chooses the winner of a fight. The important thing to keep in mind for the punter is that each fighter will be paid differently depending on whether he is the favorite or he is the underdog. Here are some tips if the gambler would like to get an edge in the UFC sports betting arena.


Do Not Bet Based on Emotions


Never bet on emotions might seem like common sense, but it is easier said than done. How many times has one of the favorite fighters fought somebody? Many MMA fans made this mistake on many occasions. A famous fighter that, let’s say, Connor McGregor, hasn’t stepped in the Octagon in two years because they were injured or something was going on with them emotionally, and they decided to come back, and before they left they were on top of their game. A punter can be emotionally invested in this fighter. The fan likes their fighting style so on and so forth, and they get into the Octagon fight a younger guy like Dustin Poirier, that’s more active or whatever the case the favorite ends up losing. So, not only does the favorite fighter lose, but also bettor’s hard-earned cash.


Use Prop Bets

Number two, gambler should always check out the prop debts. These types of bet get often overlooked the most it’s usually fighter versus fighter any big fight, especially the promotion will target fighter versus fighter. Bettor may want to keep their eyes open for overlooked prop bets like over/under round and a half two and a half or if it’s a five-round fight. Choose that fighter or which round they’re going win. There are many other options, the punter should not just focus on fight results that is win or lose. The fight fan must do their research and analysis. This is a great bet that will yield some serious amounts of cash if the handicapper does his analysis, and then wins his bet.



Do not bet on Heavy Favorites


So, number three tip for the gambler is to stay away from heavy favorites. Okay, so this one has to do with the bettor’s return on investment. As far as setting aside a certain dollar amount, the gambler should be aware when taking a favorite, as long as the bet has the proper odds. It is not recommended going anything over a minus 200. The return on the wager can be too low. Imagine a bettor risking $100 and getting back $1.00.


An avid MMA fan must have a handicapping system that is based on MMA fighter analysis, fighting style and the fight record to find the winning match In addition, to the handicapping system, one must have a good money management program. It is also recommended that if a bettor has no time on his hands, he can subscribe to a good handicapping subscription service, such as Faezr o download da 1xbet para iphone.