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What Sports Are Bet On The Most In 2021?

What Sports Are Bet On The Most In 2021?
  1. American Football

The most popular sports betting in the world is easily American football. Due to its popularity, there are multiple sports betting opportunities with sites like asianbookie. Football betting can include NCAA, NFL and Rugby football.


Let us take a look at the popularity of football for the 2020-2021 sports betting season. The 2021 Super Bowl alone was estimated to have brought in around 4 billion dollars with 23 million bets placed according to the American Gaming Association. Truly staggering numbers!


American football, rugby, and even soccer are worldwide sports that engage millions of fans to participate in sports betting.


  1. Baseball

This 140-year-old sport is a sports betting magnet around the world. The pandemic restricted fan participation for the 2020 World Series and established a new low for viewing. However, with such a long season, there are many opportunities for sports betting.


Even with a new viewing low, there were still 10 million viewers watching “America’s Game”. Baseball is not only extremely popular in the US, but it is also popular in Canada, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Cuba, Australia, and many other countries. In 2020 due to a variety of reasons including the pandemic lockdown, ratings were down 11%.


However, viewership was up 4% so hopefully, this bodes well for the 2021 season. With the pandemic lockdown loosening, there may be more baseball games participants which should increase sports betting revenues.


  1. Basketball


A sport popular across the globe, with millions of fans. There are many basketball leagues to be found around the world, but the most popular league by far is American basketball.


The most prevalent basketball sports betting leagues are the NBA and NCAA. The NCAA especially when the March Madness NCAA basketball tournament is held. The NBA and NCAA basketball championships generate enormous fan interest and sports betting action.


The NCAA (National Collegiate Athletics Association) March Madness tournament  generates over 140 million betting brackets. In the United States, of the nearly 329 million residents, roughly 40 million fans placed wagers on their favorite NCAA teams. In 2019 a staggering $460 million was wagered on the NCAA basketball tournament and 2021 should produce similar numbers.


The NBA (National Basketball Association) took a hit in 2020 due to COVID-19 and other distracting political factors. Viewership for 2020 was down 27% from last season and almost 40% from two years ago. The 2020 NBA Championship reported a 66% drop off in viewers, a huge number that the NBA plans to address for the 2021 season.


In Conclusion


This list is by no means inclusive. Many other sports generate sports betting such as soccer, hockey, and golf, among others will continue to generate sports bets.